Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Looking for a career as a professional hypnotherapist, a recognised qualification, a thorough training program, a way to really help others, & connect with caring & like-minded people?

  • Become a qualified professional Hypnotherapist
  • Learn how to help people overcome problems
  • Low Confidence / Self Esteem. Fears / Phobias. Habits / Addiction. Stress
  • Physical Issues. Relationship Problems. Anxiety. Infertility / Pregnancy & Childbirth 
  • Enrolling NOW for September 2017
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image of Become a skilful practitioner of NLP

Become a skilful practitioner of NLP

Discover and learn powerful, positive, practical ways to improve your life and help others

  • Become a qualified NLP Practitioner
  • Master your mind. Transform your thinking.
  • Influence others. Improve results. Achieve your potential
  • Feel better. Do better. Communicate better. 
  • Enrolling NOW for September 2017
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Become a Life Coach

Train for a new career as a professional coach or add coaching to your existing skills, and help others achieve their dreams

  • Become a qualified Life Coach
  • Improve results. Help people fulfil their potential
  • Managers. Parents. Entrepreneurs. Teachers. Therapists
  • Just some of those who use coaching to get the best from others
  • Enrolling NOW for July/August 2017
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image of Individual Support

Individual Support

Hire Denise as your personal therapist coach

  • Overcome barriers preventing your success
  • Tackle particular issues
  • Fulfil your potential
  • Improve your life for good

Enjoy the benefits of therapeutic coaching with Denise Collins BSc (Hons) MSc.
Identify, clarify and achieve your desires.
Live your best life yet.
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